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Subject Code - GERM (German)

Course Title
GERM 100Beginners' German I
GERM 110Beginners' German II
GERM 121German Fairy Tales and Popular Culture (in English)
GERM 200Intermediate German I
GERM 206Exile, Flight and Migration (in English)
GERM 210Intermediate German II
GERM 300Intermediate German III
GERM 301German Literature 1900 - 1945 (in English)
GERM 302German Literature after 1945 (in English)
GERM 304German Cinema (in English)
GERM 310Intermediate German IV
GERM 313Conversational German II
GERM 314Business German
GERM 360Heaven and Earth: Studies in German Culture and Literature before 1700.
GERM 380Tradition and Change: Studies in the 19th Century.
GERM 400Advanced German I
GERM 402Words and Music in German Literature (in English)
GERM 404Religion and German Literature (in English)
GERM 406ASelected Topics in German Literature - SEL TPC GERM LIT
GERM 410Advanced German II
GERM 412German Media Studies (in English)
GERM 426German Representations of the Holocaust (in English)
GERM 433German for Reading Knowledge I
GERM 501BLiterary Theories - LITERARY THEORY
GERM 505The Acquisition of German as an Additional Language
GERM 510German Literary History
GERM 519AStudies in the Literature of the Early 20th Century - LIT 20TH CENTURY
GERM 547BGuided Research - GUIDED RESEARCH
GERM 548Major Essay
GERM 549Master's Thesis
GERM 649Doctoral Dissertation