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Subject Code - FNH (Food, Nutrition and Health)

Course Title
FNH 200Exploring Our Food
FNH 250Nutrition Concepts and Controversies
FNH 300Food Engineering
FNH 301Food Chemistry
FNH 302Food Analysis
FNH 303Food Product Development
FNH 309Food Processing
FNH 313Food Microbiology
FNH 325Food Science Laboratory I
FNH 326Food Science Laboratory II
FNH 330Introduction to Wine Science 1
FNH 335Introduction to Wine Science II
FNH 340Food Theory and Applications
FNH 342Critical Perspectives on Consumer Food Practices
FNH 345Counselling Skills in Dietetics
FNH 350Fundamentals of Nutrition
FNH 351Vitamins, Minerals, and Health
FNH 355International Nutrition
FNH 370Nutrition Assessment
FNH 371Human Nutrition Over The Life Span
FNH 375Nutrition Care I
FNH 380Professional Dietetic Practice I
FNH 398Research Methods in Human Nutrition
FNH 402Functional Foods
FNH 403Food Laws, Regulations and Quality Assurance
FNH 405Microbiology of Food and Beverage Fermentation
FNH 413Food Safety
FNH 415Business Concepts in Food, Nutrition, and Health
FNH 419Interfacial Phenomena
FNH 425Food Science Laboratory III
FNH 440Food Service Systems Management
FNH 451Nutrient Metabolism and Implications for Health
FNH 455Applied International Nutrition
FNH 470Nutrition Care II
FNH 472Maternal and Fetal Nutrition
FNH 473Applied Public Health Nutrition
FNH 474Sport Nutrition
FNH 475Nutrition Care III
FNH 477Nutrition and Disease Prevention
FNH 480Professional Dietetic Practice II
FNH 481Dietetics Practice Education Placement II
FNH 482Dietetics Practice Education Placement III
FNH 490Advanced Topics in Food, Nutrition, and Health
FNH 497ADirected Studies in Food, Nutrition and Health - DST FOOD,NTR HLT
FNH 497BDirected Studies in Food, Nutrition and Health - DST FOOD,NTR HLT
FNH 497EDirected Studies in Food, Nutrition and Health - DST FOOD,NTR HLT
FNH 499Undergraduate Thesis