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Subject Code - CPSC (Computer Science)

The Department of Computer Science offers several options in first year: CPSC 110 is for students pursuing Computer Science specializations or who plan to take CPSC 210. CPSC 103 targets students desiring an introduction to computing and programming, but with no plans to take further Computer Science courses. CPSC 100 targets students desiring a general introduction to computational thinking with little programming. Consult for more information. Students who have credit for or exemption from APSC 160, CPSC 107 or CPSC 110 may not take CPSC 100 or CPSC 103. Students with other computer science transfer credit must consult the department. Students currently registered in CPSC 110 or with Computer Science credit from another institution may not take APSC 160 for credit. Students with sufficient background in the concepts presented in CPSC 110 and an advisor's approval are encouraged to challenge CPSC 110 for credit by taking an examination. Additional fees are charged for some courses. For more information students are advised to contact the Department of Computer Science or visit its undergraduate website: For information on credit exclusion between CPSC and other courses, please consult the Faculty of Science Credit Exclusion List.

Course Title
CPSC 100Computational Thinking
CPSC 103Introduction to Systematic Program Design
CPSC 110Computation, Programs, and Programming
CPSC 121Models of Computation
CPSC 210Software Construction
CPSC 213Introduction to Computer Systems
CPSC 221Basic Algorithms and Data Structures
CPSC 298Co-operative Work Placement I
CPSC 299Co-operative Work Placement II
CPSC 304Introduction to Relational Databases
CPSC 320Intermediate Algorithm Design and Analysis
CPSC 340Machine Learning and Data Mining
CPSC 398Co-operative Work Placement III
CPSC 399Co-operative Work Placement IV
CPSC 436ITopics in Computer Science - INDUSTRY SKILLS
CPSC 448ADirected Studies in Computer Science - DIRECTED STUDIES
CPSC 448BDirected Studies in Computer Science - DIRECTED STUDIES
CPSC 448CDirected Studies in Computer Science - DIRECTED STUDIES
CPSC 449Honours Thesis
CPSC 455Applied Industry Practices
CPSC 491Interactive Digital Media Practicum
CPSC 499Co-operative Work Placement V
CPSC 549AMaster's Thesis - MASTERS THESIS
CPSC 549BMaster's Thesis - MASTERS THESIS
CPSC 589M.Sc. Major Essay
CPSC 649Doctoral Dissertation