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Subject Code - JAPN (Japanese)

For each academic session (W and S), prior to registration in any JAPN course, students are required to review the Japanese Registration Guidelines available at to determine if a Japanese Placement Test is required. (If the Placement Test is required, the link to take the test can also be found at this same page.) Note: Students must obtain a minimum grade of 60% to advance to the next level of language. This applies to all students in JAPN language courses, not just language majors.

Course Title
JAPN 100Beginning Japanese IA
JAPN 101Beginning Japanese IB
JAPN 160Intensive Beginning Japanese I
JAPN 200Beginning Japanese II A
JAPN 201Beginning Japanese II B
JAPN 260Intensive Beginning Japanese II
JAPN 320Intermediate Japanese I A
JAPN 321Intermediate Japanese I B
JAPN 322Intermediate Japanese II A
JAPN 323Intermediate Japanese II B
JAPN 360Intensive Intermediate Japanese I
JAPN 361Intensive Intermediate Japanese II
JAPN 400Advanced Modern Japanese: Reading and Writing I
JAPN 401Advanced Modern Japanese: Reading and Writing II
JAPN 402Advanced Modern Japanese: Conversation and Composition I
JAPN 422Classical Japanese I
JAPN 423Classical Japanese II
JAPN 450Advanced Oral Communication I
JAPN 452Readings in Modern Japanese Essays
JAPN 453Readings in Modern Japanese Literature
JAPN 456Newspaper Japanese I
JAPN 465Japanese Media and Translation