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Subject Code - MINE (Mining Engineering)

Course Title
MINE 224Mineralogy for Mining Engineering
MINE 291Introduction to Mining
MINE 292Introduction to Mineral Processing
MINE 293Seminar
MINE 302Underground Mining and Design
MINE 303Rock Mechanics Fundamentals
MINE 310Surface Mining and Design
MINE 331Physical Mineral Processes
MINE 333Flotation
MINE 350Modelling and Simulation
MINE 380Mine Waste Management
MINE 396Engineering Economics
MINE 402Mine Ventilation and Occupational Health and Safety
MINE 403Rock Mechanics Design
MINE 404Strategic Issues in Mining
MINE 406Mine Project Valuation and Risk Assessment
MINE 420Applied Geostatistics
MINE 432Mineral Process Control
MINE 434Processing Precious Metal Ores
MINE 438Advanced Process Mineralogy
MINE 455Mine Water Management
MINE 462Coal Preparation Technology
MINE 465Materials Handling
MINE 470Indigenous Peoples and Mining in Canada
MINE 485Cave Mining Systems: Design and Planning
MINE 486Mining and The Environment
MINE 491Mine and Plant Engineering Design Feasibility Study
MINE 497ADirected Studies - DIR STUD
MINE 497EDirected Studies - INDGNS PPL&MINE
MINE 497JDirected Studies - PHYSIOCHEM MTHDS
MINE 497TDirected Studies - UNDERGRAD THESIS
MINE 501ATopics for Engineers in the Mining Industry - MINING&MNRL PROC
MINE 501BTopics for Engineers in the Mining Industry - NRTH AMER MINE
MINE 505Advanced Topics in Rock Engineering
MINE 506Mining Methods
MINE 507Block Caving Systems
MINE 508Integrated Mining and Processing Systems
MINE 509Mine Ventilation
MINE 515Mining in the Future
MINE 520Advanced Coal Preparation
MINE 521Advanced Flotation Technology
MINE 522Processing of Mineral Fines
MINE 522AProcessing of Mineral Fines - PRO MIN FINES
MINE 522BProcessing of Mineral Fines - PRO MIN FINES
MINE 524Processing of Precious Metal Ores
MINE 529Rheology of Mineral Suspensions
MINE 541Environmental Risk Assessments in Relation to Mining
MINE 547Industrial Expert Systems
MINE 552Mining Geostatistics
MINE 554Mine Economics and Finance
MINE 555Mining and Society
MINE 559Indigenous Peoples and Mining in Canada
MINE 586Advanced Mine Waste Management
MINE 587Advanced Mine Site Management
MINE 588Risk Assessment for Mine Waste Management
MINE 589Mine Waste Management Case Studies
MINE 590DSpecial Advanced Topics - NUM MODEL ROCK
MINE 590ESpecial Advanced Topics - MINE MGMT
MINE 590FSpecial Advanced Topics - COMM CIRCTS DSGN
MINE 590LSpecial Advanced Topics - MIN MTL PHY CHAR
MINE 590MSpecial Advanced Topics - INTRO ROCK MECH
MINE 590NSpecial Advanced Topics - GRND MODIFICTN
MINE 590PSpecial Advanced Topics - ADV TECH MINERAL
MINE 590QSpecial Advanced Topics - ADV MIN WSTEMGMT
MINE 590RSpecial Advanced Topics - INTR EXTRAC META
MINE 590TSpecial Advanced Topics - ADV MINRL PROCS
MINE 590USpecial Advanced Topics - MACHNE LRNG LAB
MINE 590XSpecial Advanced Topics - AD MINE WTR MGMT
MINE 590YSpecial Advanced Topics - ADV FLEET MNGMNT
MINE 592AMining Industry Internship - MINE INTERNSHIP
MINE 592BMining Industry Internship - MINE INTERNSHIP
MINE 592CMining Industry Internship - MINE INTERNSHIP
MINE 597Engineering Project
MINE 598Seminar
MINE 698Seminar
MINE 699Doctoral Dissertation