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Subject Code - PSYC (Psychology)

Unless otherwise specified, the prerequisite for 300-level Psychology courses is 6 credits of 100-level or 200-level PSYC courses (PSYC 216 or PSYC 217 or PSYC 277 strongly recommended), or permission of the instructor. For students registered in the B.Sc. Behavioural Neuroscience program, a maximum of 6 credits of Psychology courses can be used towards the Faculty of Science Arts requirement (,215,410,1464). In addition to Psychology 348 and 448, all Psychology courses numbered 60 to 89 in the last two digits have Science credit. Listed below are courses in which there is sufficient overlap that credit may be obtained for only one course in each list. However, it does not necessarily follow that the listed courses are equivalent: (1) PSYC 304, 360, 370; (2) PSYC 304, 360, 371; (3) PSYC 217, 277, 366; (4) PSYC 218, 278, 366. Not every course is offered every year. For current listings, consult the departmental website at

Course Title
PSYC 101Introduction to Biological and Cognitive Psychology
PSYC 102Introduction to Developmental, Social, Personality, and Clinical Psychology
PSYC 217Research Methods
PSYC 218Analysis of Behavioural Data
PSYC 300AAbnormal Psychology - ABNORMAL PSYC
PSYC 301Brain Dysfunction and Recovery
PSYC 304Brain and Behaviour
PSYC 305APersonality Psychology - PERSONALITY PSYC
PSYC 307Cultural Psychology
PSYC 308ASocial Psychology - SOCIAL PSYC
PSYC 311Psychology of Sport
PSYC 314Health Psychology
PSYC 315Childhood and Adolescence
PSYC 320APsychology of Sex Differences - PSYC OF SEX DIFF
PSYC 340FDirected Studies in Psychology - DIRECTED STUDIES
PSYC 388FDirected Studies in Behavioural Neuroscience - DIR STDY BEHV NS
PSYC 398Cooperative Work Placement I
PSYC 399Cooperative Work Placement II
PSYC 413Social and Personality Development
PSYC 498Cooperative Work Placement III
PSYC 499Cooperative Work Placement IV
PSYC 547EReading and Conference - READG & CONFRNCE
PSYC 549Master's Thesis
PSYC 559Clinical Psychological Internship
PSYC 649Doctoral Dissertation