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FullMATH 104 103Lecture1 Mon Wed Fri11:0012:00

Prerequisites for this course will be strictly enforced. If you have 80% or higher in Pre-Calculus 12 but do not

have the high school calculus prerequisite for this course, please register yourself in MATH 184. If you do not have a grade of 80% or better in Pre-Calclulus 12, please register in MATH 110. You may still be able to qualify for MATH 104 by satisfying prerequisite (c ), a satisfactory score in the UBC Mathematics Basic Skills Test. This test will be available to all students who are registered in MATH 110 in September 2014, but transferring to MATH 104 will be contingent on the

availability of seats in this course even if a student receives a satisfactory score on the Basic Skills Test. See

 MATH 105 207Lecture2 Mon Wed Fri8:009:00

The SIS will enforce automatically prerequisites for this course if you have not received credit for a prerequisite course in a previous term

or are not registered in a prerequisite course. For example, if you have not received credit for MATH 100 or have not registered in it before

trying to register for the follow up course MATH 101, the system will block your registration for MATH 101. If you register for MATH 100 in

Term 1 or have previous credit for it, the system will allow you to register in MATH 101 in Term 2 as it knows you are taking a prerequisite

course in Term 1 or have already received credit for MATH 100. Sometimes the system will show a pop up message that questions your

pre-requisite, however, ignore that if you know you have the prerequisite and you are successfullly registered. Adding a course to your Work List is not the same as registering for it, so, it is possible to add a course to your list without having the prerequisite but, when

you go to actually register, it will block you if no prerequisite is there. If you know you have the prerequisite but it has not been added

to your UBC file, take care of that by contacting UBC Admissions at