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Status Section Activity Term Interval Days Start Time End Time Section Comments
BlockedMUSC 119 001Web-Oriented Course2 Mon Wed9:0010:00

Introduction to Music Technology: Practical and theoretical training in technologies that support current artistic and academic practice, such as MIDI, podcasts/videocasts, websites, social media, and software for score notation, music education, and basic audio/videoediting. Please Note: This course is a prerequisite for the Minor in Applied Music Technology. Select Music 119 Lecture + one TUT.

BlockedMUSC 119 T01Tutorial2 Fri9:0010:00
BlockedMUSC 119 T02Tutorial2 Fri10:0011:00
BlockedMUSC 119 T03Tutorial2 Fri11:0012:00
BlockedMUSC 119 T04Tutorial2 Fri13:0014:00
BlockedMUSC 119 T05Tutorial2 Fri14:0015:00
BlockedMUSC 119 T06Tutorial2 Fri15:0016:00
BlockedMUSC 119 T07Tutorial2 Fri16:0017:00
FullMUSC 319A 001Web-Oriented Course1 Mon Wed Fri14:0015:00

Prerequisite: MUSC 119 and one of MUSC 100, MUSC 110. Permission of instructor is also required.

2020W Format: Students view two online asynchronous lectures per week, and attend one 50-minute online tutorial weekly on Fridays from 2-3 pm.

BlockedMUSC 419 001Laboratory1-2 Wed18:0021:00

Interactive Music and Performing Arts Research Training (IMPART). A digital?performance ensemble using accelerometers, MIDI controllers, web cams, tablets,?etc. for gesture tracking of musicians and dancers, with data controlling audio and video. Each member participates in studio and public?performances each semester, gives technical presentations, and assists other?members. Possible subsidized travel to the Philippines for two weeks of collaborative research and performance with students at the U. of the Philippines-Diliman in February 2020. Course pre-requisite: MUSC 320 or exceptional performance abilities in music, dance, or other performance art.? Please contact instructor for permission to register.

2020W Term 1 Format: Students attend an online lecture every Wednesday from 6-9 pm.

BlockedMUSC 420 001Project1

Music Technology Capstone Project - Section for Term 1

BlockedMUSC 420 002Project2

Music Technology Capstone Project - section for Term 2