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Taught Sections:
Status Section Activity Term Interval Days Start Time End Time Section Comments
STTCIVL 303 101Web-Oriented Course1 Mon Wed8:009:00
STTCIVL 303 T1ATutorial1 Thu13:0014:00
Tutorial1 Fri8:009:00
RestrictedCIVL 315 101Web-Oriented Course1 Mon Wed Fri13:0014:00

Do NOT contact the professor regarding registration problems.

If the course is full, please fill out the online course registration form available at the below web link and submit it electronically.

Please check back regularly to see if space opens up in the class. All applications requesting admission to the course will be considered in August. Priority will be given to students requiring the course as a core component to their program and to Civil Engineering students requesting the course as a technical elective (if applicable). You will be advised in August if you have been admitted to the class or not.

STTCIVL 315 L1ALaboratory1 Mon14:0016:00
FullCIVL 315 L1BLaboratory1 Wed14:0016:00
STTCIVL 315 L1CLaboratory1 Mon16:0018:00
STTCIVL 315 L1DLaboratory1 Wed16:0018:00
STTCIVL 315 L1ELaboratory1 Mon14:0016:00
FullCIVL 315 L1FLaboratory1 Wed14:0016:00
STTCIVL 315 L1GLaboratory1 Mon16:0018:00
STTCIVL 315 L1HLaboratory1 Wed16:0018:00
STTCIVL 315 L1ILaboratory1 Fri15:0017:00
STTCIVL 315 L1JLaboratory1 Fri15:0017:00
STTCIVL 315 L1KLaboratory1 Tue14:0016:00
STTCIVL 315 L1LLaboratory1 Tue14:0016:00
BlockedCIVL 315 L1MLaboratory1 Tue16:0018:00
BlockedCIVL 315 L1NLaboratory1 Tue16:0018:00
STTCIVL 315 T1ATutorial1 Fri14:0015:00
STTCIVL 445 101Web-Oriented Course1 Mon15:0017:00

ATTENTION: **************** CIVL 445 and CIVL 446 MUST be taken back to back within the same academic year. ****************

Select one Tutorial from sections T1A, T1B, T1C or T1D

STTCIVL 445 T1ATutorial1 Tue Thu8:0010:00
STTCIVL 445 T1BTutorial1 Tue Thu8:0010:00
STTCIVL 445 T1CTutorial1 Tue Thu8:0010:00
STTCIVL 445 T1DTutorial1 Tue Thu8:0010:00
STTIGEN 230 001Web-Oriented Course1 Thu11:0012:00
Web-Oriented Course2 Thu11:0012:00