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Status Section Activity Term Interval Days Start Time End Time Section Comments
 FRST 307 101Web-Oriented Course1 Mon Wed Fri11:0012:00
 FRST 307 L01Laboratory1 Thu14:0016:00
 FRST 307 L02Laboratory1 Thu16:0018:00
 FRST 307 L03Laboratory1 Wed16:0018:00
 FRST 408 201Web-Oriented Course2 Thu15:0018:00
BlockedFRST 498 101Web-Oriented Course1-2 Mon15:0016:00

Dr. Carroll will meet regularly with FRST 498 students to discuss thesis requirements and review progress.

BlockedFRST 498 102Thesis1

This is a special Term 1 only section of FRST 498 - students can only be registered by the Associate Dean.

 FRST 508 201Web-Oriented Course2 Thu15:0018:00
RestrictedFRST 557 101Lecture1 Fri9:0011:00

This is a restricted course. Registration is for MSFM students only.