Instructor Info:
Office Telephone: (604) 827-0012
Taught Sections:
Status Section Activity Term Interval Days Start Time End Time Section Comments
RestrictedCOMM 295 105Lecture1 Tue Thu11:0012:30
 COMM 295 106Lecture1 Tue Thu15:3017:00
 ECON 101 002Lecture1 Mon Wed Fri9:0010:00
 ECON 101 009Lecture1 Mon Wed Fri13:0014:00
 ECON 102 003Lecture2 Mon Wed Fri16:0017:00
 ECON 102 004Lecture2 Tue Thu12:3014:00
 ECON 310 001Lecture1 Mon Wed Fri16:0017:00
 ECON 311 001Lecture2 Mon Wed Fri9:0010:00
FullFRE 295 106Lecture1 Tue Thu15:3017:00

This section open only to students in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems