Instructor Info:
Office Telephone: (604) 822-5654
Taught Sections:
Status Section Activity Term Interval Days Start Time End Time Section Comments
RestrictedAPPP 506C 101Project1
RestrictedCPEN 491 001Lecture1-2 Wed Fri16:0017:00
 CPEN 491 L1ALecture1-2 Tue Thu15:3017:30
Lecture1-2 Fri8:0010:00
 CPEN 523 201Lecture2 Tue Thu9:0012:00

Restricted to MEL-DESS Students only. Other students who are interested in this course must contact the instructor for admission. Thank you.

 CPEN 523 T2ATutorial2 Wed14:0016:00
RestrictedELEC 491 001Lecture1-2 Wed Fri16:0017:00
 ELEC 494 001Lecture1-2 Wed Fri16:0017:00
FullELEC 494 L1ALaboratory1-2 Tue Thu15:3017:30
Laboratory1-2 Fri8:0010:00