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 FRE 326 001Lecture1 Tue Thu11:0012:30

The instructor will also accept FRST 231 or EPSE 482 towards the statistic prerequisite for this course. For non-LFS students, the instructor will also accept ECON 325. If you present with one of these courses, please email for registration assistance.

BlockedFRE 385 001Lecture2 Tue Thu17:0018:30

This section is now blocked from registration. To be considered for the course, please register onto the corresponding waitlist. If you do not have one of the listed statistics prerequisites, and you feel that you've taken a course equivalent to STAT 200/FRST 231/BIOL 300/LFS 252, please contact the instructor directly for a prerequisite evaluation.

 FRE 385 L01Laboratory2 Tue Thu16:0017:00
RestrictedFRE 528 002Lecture1 Tue Thu15:3017:00

Restricted to students registered in MFRE

RestrictedFRE 528 L02Laboratory1 Thu17:0018:00
RestrictedFRE 529 001Lecture2 Tue Thu12:3014:00
RestrictedFRE 585 001Lecture2 Tue Thu17:0018:30

Restricted to students registered in MFRE

RestrictedFRE 585 L01Laboratory2 Tue Thu16:0017:00

Restricted to students registered in MFRE

BlockedLFS 252 002Lecture2 Tue Thu9:3011:00

LFS 252 has been blocked from registration as there is a waitlist for the course. Please register onto the waitlist (LFS 252 0W2) to be considered for the course.

 LFS 252 T01Tutorial2 Mon14:0015:00
 LFS 252 T02Tutorial2 Mon16:0017:00
FullLFS 252 T03Tutorial2 Wed14:0015:00
FullLFS 252 T04Tutorial2 Wed16:0017:00
FullLFS 252 T05Tutorial2 Fri14:0015:00
 LFS 252 T06Tutorial2 Fri16:0017:00
FullLFS 252 T07Tutorial2 Thu12:3013:30
 LFS 252 T08Tutorial2 Thu13:3014:30
 LFS 252 T09Tutorial2 Thu14:3015:30
 LFS 252 T10Tutorial2 Thu15:3016:30