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Status Section Activity Term Interval Days Start Time End Time Section Comments
STTEPSE 308 001Lecture1 Wed8:0010:00
RestrictedEPSE 308 002Lecture1 Fri8:0010:00
FullEPSE 308 003Lecture1 Fri13:0015:00
STTEPSE 308 101Seminar1 Wed10:0011:00
STTEPSE 308 102Seminar1 Wed10:0011:00
STTEPSE 308 103Seminar1 Wed10:0011:00
STTEPSE 308 104Seminar1 Wed10:0011:00
STTEPSE 308 105Seminar1 Wed10:0011:00
STTEPSE 308 107Seminar1 Wed10:0011:00
STTEPSE 308 108Seminar1 Wed10:0011:00
FullEPSE 308 301Seminar1 Fri10:0011:00
FullEPSE 308 302Seminar1 Fri10:0011:00
FullEPSE 308 303Seminar1 Fri10:0011:00
FullEPSE 308 304Seminar1 Fri10:0011:00
FullEPSE 308 305Seminar1 Fri15:0016:00
FullEPSE 308 306Seminar1 Fri15:0016:00
FullEPSE 308 307Seminar1 Fri15:0016:00
FullEPSE 308 308Seminar1 Fri15:0016:00
FullEPSE 308 309Seminar1 Fri15:0016:00
RestrictedEPSE 308 310Seminar1 Fri10:0011:00

HDLC - EPSE 308 section 310 is restricted to students in the Secondary program with a specialization in French.

 EPSE 505 075Seminar2 Thu16:3019:30

HDLC - Registration is restricted to students with an HDLC or SPED specialization for the first week of registration.