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Office Telephone: (604) 827-5981
Taught Sections:
Status Section Activity Term Interval Days Start Time End Time Section Comments
 FOPR 388 101Web-Oriented Course1 Mon Wed Fri10:0011:00

This course is cross listed with FRST 385 and is intended for BSF Forest Operations students.

FullFOPR 388 L01Laboratory1 Thu15:0017:00

This lab section is for Forest Operations students only. The day/time/location will be determined at the start of term to suit all the students enrolled in this lab.

 FRST 100 101Web-Oriented Course1 Mon Wed Fri14:0015:00
 FRST 231 101Web-Oriented Course1 Mon Wed Fri15:0016:00

This course is open to non-Forestry students. This course may meet the statistics requirement for your program - please check with your program advisor.

 FRST 231 201Lecture2 Tue Thu11:0012:30
FullFRST 231 L01Laboratory1 Tue9:0011:00
FullFRST 231 L02Laboratory1 Tue16:0018:00
 FRST 231 L04Laboratory1 Fri9:0011:00
FullFRST 231 LA3Laboratory2 Thu14:0016:00
RestrictedFRST 304 201Lecture2 Tue Thu11:0012:30

This course is offered to non-Forestry students. This course is the spring term portion of Frst 300 and is accepted by the Faculty of Arts as Science credits. No background in math or science is required.

 FRST 385 001Web-Oriented Course1 Mon Wed Fri10:0011:00

This course is also open to non-Forestry students. It is cross-listed with FOPR 388.

 FRST 385 L01Laboratory1 Wed14:0016:00
 FRST 385 L02Laboratory1 Thu12:3014:30
 FRST 385 L03Laboratory1 Thu15:0017:00
 FRST 423 201Lecture2 Tue Thu9:0011:00
 FRST 423 L01Laboratory2 Wed9:0011:00
 FRST 423 L02Laboratory2 Wed11:0013:00