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Status Section Activity Term Interval Days Start Time End Time Section Comments
RestrictedAPPP 506C 103Project1

The Capstone project is restricted to students in the MEL in CEEN

BlockedAPSC 100 101Web-Oriented Course1 Mon Fri8:009:00
STTAPSC 100 102Web-Oriented Course1 Mon Fri9:0010:00
STTAPSC 100 103Web-Oriented Course1 Mon Fri15:0016:00
STTAPSC 100 104Web-Oriented Course1 Mon Fri16:0017:00
STTAPSC 101 201Web-Oriented Course2 Mon Fri8:009:00
STTAPSC 101 202Web-Oriented Course2 Mon Fri9:0010:00
STTAPSC 101 203Web-Oriented Course2 Mon Fri16:0017:00
STTAPSC 101 211Web-Oriented Course2 Mon Fri11:0012:00
STTAPSC 183 VE1Web-Oriented Course2 Mon Fri9:0010:00

This section is reserved for UBC Vantage College students only.

RestrictedCEEN 501 201Web-Oriented Course2 Tue Thu12:3014:00

This course is restricted to students in one of these faculties: GRAD - MEL CEEN Program. Registration requests from graduate students outside of the MEL in CEEN program will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis depending on seat availability. Please register in the waitlist if you are a non-CEEN student interested in taking this course.

STTCHBE 241 102Web-Oriented Course1 Mon Wed Fri10:0011:00
RestrictedCHBE 241 T1AProblem Session1 Thu13:0014:00
RestrictedCHBE 350 101Web-Oriented Course1 Wed9:0010:00
UnreleasedCHBE 350 T1ATutorial1 Mon9:0010:00
RestrictedCHBE 474 101Web-Oriented Course1 Mon Wed Fri13:0014:00
RestrictedCHBE 474 L1ALaboratory1 Mon^14:0016:00
^ every second week starting with week following start week