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 ANTH 202A 001Web-Oriented Course1 Tue Thu11:0012:30

ANTH 202/RGST 200: INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY OF RELIGION: In the twenty-first century, religion is an important index of identity. It is both a source of unity and conflict on the world stage, and provides powerful motivation for behavior. In this course, we will study a wide variety of religions from a comparative, cross-cultural, interdisciplinary perspective. We will approach religions as complex systems that share certain common features. Our primary focus in this course is not religious belief, but practice: what people do and why they do it. Additionally, we will look at how spirituality fits into the broader context of everyday human life. In a time of religious turbulence and conflict, this course is designed to make you aware of others religious systems and worldviews, to enco and ~

urage critical thought about religious belief and practice, and to promote an attitude of engaged religious pluralism.

Instructor: Dr. Sabina Magliocco is Professor of Anthropology and directs the interdisciplinary Program in the Study of Religion at UBC. She specializes in the study of modern Paganism and Wicca. Dont hesitate to contact her with questions at

 ANTH 206 001Web-Oriented Course2 Tue Thu9:3011:00

What is the supernatural, and why are we fascinated with it? Where do supernatural beliefs come from? How are supernatural creatures such as witches, vampires, and zombies enjoying a new life in the modern world? These are some of the questions this course will address. This course examines supernatural and occult traditions as they appear in the context of religion, narrative, healing, ritual and media accounts and presentations. We will also study how anthropologists and scholars from related disciplines have approached these topics. This course does not attempt to prove or disprove the existence of supernatural phenomena. Rather, it takes an ethnographic, phenomenological approach to this issue, focusing on peoples lived experience and their attempts to make sense of it. Students will and ~

be encouraged to explore the relationship between scientific belief and supernatural belief in the context of both traditional cultures and the contemporary landscape.

 ANTH 545E 001Directed Studies1 Wed
 RGST 200 001Web-Oriented Course1 Tue Thu11:0012:30

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This course is cross listed with ANTH 202A.001