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 MATH 104 101Web-Oriented Course1

MATH 104 is comprised of a two hour asynchronous lecture and a one hour synchronous workshop. Attending lectures will not be required as they will be recorded and can be viewed at any time, but attending workshops will be required. All students are to register in MATH 104 101 and a workshop. General seats for workshops can be found in WTB, WTI, WRB, WRC, WRD and WRI. Workshops later in the evening have been scheduled for students in different time zones, please be considerate when you register. If you cannot register in an available workshop, we will place you later in the summer.

Prerequisites for this course will be strictly enforced. If you have 80% or higher in Pre-Calculus 12 but do not

have the high school calculus prerequisite for this course, please register yourself in MATH 184. If you do not have a grade of 80% or better in Pre-Calclulus 12, please register in MATH 110.

STTMATH 104 WMGWorkshop1 Mon18:0019:00

This workshop is for BCOM students

 MATH 104 WTCWorkshop1 Tue8:309:30

This workshop is for BCOM students

STTMATH 104 WWFWorkshop1 Wed18:0019:00

This workshop is for BCOM students