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FullENPH 353 101Lecture-Discussion1 Mon10:0011:00
RestrictedENPH 353 201Lecture-Discussion2 Tue10:0011:00

If you cannot register yourself in ENPH 353, register on the wait list: ENPH 353 W-L. This is the wait list for both terms and both the lecture and lab sections. There is only one wait list for this course. This course is for Engineering Physics students who entered the Program in 18W. It is not a requirement for students who entered prior to then. Priority will be given to students who require this course.

FullENPH 353 L01Lecture-Laboratory1 Wed17:0020:00
RestrictedENPH 353 L02Lecture-Discussion2 Thu14:3019:30
RestrictedENPH 353 T01Tutorial1 Wed15:0017:00

This tutorial is not mandatory. All students registered in ENPH 353 must attend the teaching session on Wednesdays from 3 - 4 and the lab which begins at 5 p.m. Students taking MATH 307 / 102 should drop this tutorial to avoid a course conflict, but are still expected to be present on Wednesdays at 3.