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FullHIST 100 201Web-Oriented Course2 Tue Thu14:0015:30

HIST 100 will be a mix of synchronous and asynchronous teaching. The tutorials will meet live and accommodations are possible for those unable to attend.

 HIST 104B 101Web-Oriented Course1 Tue Thu11:0012:30

In 2020W, the topic for HIST 104B, 101 is Communism and After. Traces the rise, florescence, and failing of Bolshevik state socialism in the 20th century, as well as the experience of post-socialist societies and todays later socialist societies in Asia. The Communist moment world-wide provides a useful comparative context for a global history of the 20th century. Case studies will include the progenitor, the Soviet Union, the largest and longest lasting, the Peoples Republic of China, satellite communisms in Eastern Europe, and the unusual cases of Cuba and North Korea. Our focus will be on both geopolitics and local experience. In the end, what does the worlds experience with Communism tell us?

 HIST 104B L1ADiscussion1 Fri12:0013:00
 HIST 104B L1BDiscussion1 Fri14:0015:00
 HIST 104B L1CDiscussion1 Fri9:0010:00