Instructor Info:
Office Telephone: (6048223351
Taught Sections:
Status Section Activity Term Interval Days Start Time End Time Section Comments
 WOOD 120 101Web-Oriented Course1 Mon Wed13:0014:00
 WOOD 120 L01Laboratory1 Thu13:0016:00
 WOOD 280 101Web-Oriented Course1 Mon Wed Fri10:0011:00
 WOOD 280 L01Laboratory1 Thu10:0012:00
BlockedWOOD 310 101Work Placement1 Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri

Please contact Wood Products Processing Co-op Coordinator for registration.

 WOOD 311 101Work Placement2
UnreleasedWOOD 400 201Work Placement2

Can only be taken with permission of the Co-op Coordinator.

 WOOD 412 101Work Placement1
BlockedWOOD 449A 101Directed Studies1
BlockedWOOD 449A 201Directed Studies2
BlockedWOOD 449B 201Directed Studies2
UnreleasedWOOD 449C 103Directed Studies1

see program director

UnreleasedWOOD 449C 203Directed Studies2

see program director

UnreleasedWOOD 449C 610Directed Studies1

This is an off-campus directed studies course.

UnreleasedWOOD 449C 620Directed Studies2

This is an off-campus directed studies course.

UnreleasedWOOD 449D 001Directed Studies1-2

See Program Director

BlockedWOOD 449F 101Directed Studies1

Please contact Dr. Ellis

UnreleasedWOOD 493 101Project1
UnreleasedWOOD 493 201Project2
UnreleasedWOOD 493 610Project2

This is the off-campus section of Wood 493

UnreleasedWOOD 493 611Project1

This is an off-campus Term 1 section of Wood 493 - registration is only permitted by Program Director or Faculty advisor.