Specializations for Program MA:
Subject Description
ACRE Ancient Culture,Religion&Ethn
ALE Adult Learning and Education
ANTH Anthropology
ARTE Art Education
ARTH Art History & Visual Culture
ASIA Asian Studies
BUED Business Education
CCFI Cross-Faculty Inquiry in Educ
CCST Critical Curatorial Studies
CHIL Children's Literature
CLAS Classics
CMST Cinema and Media Studies
CNAR Classic &Near East Archaeology
CNPS Counselling Psychology
CRWR Creative Writing
CUST Curriculum Studies
ECED Early Childhood Education
ECON Economics
EDST Educational Studies
ENGL English
EUST European Studies
FINA Fine Arts
FIPR Film Production
FIST Film Studies
FREN French
GEOG Geography
GERM German
GRSJ GenderRaceSexualitySocialJust
HCI Human Computer Interaction
HDLC Human Devl,Learning & Culture
HIED Higher Education
HISP Hispanic Studies
HIST History
HMED Home Economics Education
HOPE Health,Outdoor & Physical Educ
INDS Interdisciplinary Studies
KIN Kinesiology
LING Linguistics
LITR Literacy Education
MAED Mathematics Education
MATH Mathematics
MERM Measurement & Evaluation
MLED Modern Languages Education
MTSE Media & Technology Studies Ed
MUED Music Education
MUSC Music
PETE Physical Education
PHIL Philosophy
POLI Political Science
PSYC Psychology
RELG Religious Studies
RES Resources,Enviro & Sustain
SACP School & Applied Child Psych
SCED Science Education
SCPE Society,Cultr & Politics in Ed
SCPS School Psychology
SOCI Sociology
SPED Special Education
SSED Social Studies Education
STS Science and Technology Studies
TESL Teaching Engl as a 2nd Lang
THTR Theatre
TSED Technology Studies Education
VISA Visual Arts
VRHC Vocational Rehab Counselling