Specializations for Program MSC:
Subject Description
AABI Applied Animal Biology
AGEC Agricultural Economics
ANCB Anatomy & Cell Biology
ASTR Astronomy
ATSC Atmospheric Science
AUDI Audiology & Speech Sciences
BIMB Biochemistry & Molecular Biol
BIOF Bioinformatics
BOTA Botany
CELL Cell & Developmental
CHBE Chemical & Biol Engineering
CHEM Chemistry
CPSC Computer Science
CRSC Craniofacial Science
FOOD Food Science
FRST Forestry
GECN Genetic Counselling
GENE Genetics
GEOG Geography
GEOL Geology
GEOP Geophysics
GSAT Genome Science & Technology
HCI Human Computer Interaction
HUNU Human Nutrition
INDS Interdisciplinary Studies
ISLF Int Stds In Land & Food Syst
KIN Kinesiology
MATH Mathematics
MEDG Medical Genetics
MEDP Medical Physics
MEDX Experimental Medicine
MIIM Microbiology & Immunology
MTRL Materials Engineering
NRSC Neuroscience
OCCH Occupational Hygiene
OCF Oceans and Fisheries
OCGY Oceanography
ONCO Interdisciplinary Oncology
PALM Pathology/Laboratory Medicine
PCTH Pharmacology
PHAR Pharmaceutical Science
PHYL Physiology
PHYS Physics
PLNT Plant Science
RES Resources,Enviro & Sustain
RHSC Rehabilitation Sciences
RPDS Reproductive Developmental Sc
SOIL Soil Science
SPPH Population and Public Health
STAT Statistics
SURG Surgery
ZOOL Zoology