Specializations for Program PHD:
Subject Description
AABI Applied Animal Biology
ANCB Anatomy & Cell Biology
ANTH Anthropology
ARTH Art History & Visual Culture
ASIA Asian Studies
ASTR Astronomy
ATSC Atmospheric Science
AUDI Audiology & Speech Sciences
BADM Business Administration
BIMB Biochemistry & Molecular Biol
BIOF Bioinformatics
BMEG Biomedical Engineering
BOTA Botany
CCFI Cross-Faculty Inquiry in Educ
CCST Critical Curatorial Studies
CELL Cell & Developmental
CHBE Chemical & Biol Engineering
CHEM Chemistry
CIVL Civil Engineering
CLAS Classics
CMST Cinema and Media Studies
CNPS Counselling Psychology
CPSC Computer Science
CRSC Craniofacial Science
CUST Curriculum Studies
ECON Economics
EDST Educational Studies
EECE Electrical & Computer Eng
ENGL English
ETHM Ethnomusicology
FINA Fine Arts
FOOD Food Science
FREN French
FRST Forestry
GENE Genetics
GEOE Geological Engineering
GEOG Geography
GEOL Geology
GEOP Geophysics
GERM German
GMST Germanic Studies
GRSJ GenderRaceSexualitySocialJust
GSAT Genome Science & Technology
HDLC Human Devl,Learning & Culture
HISP Hispanic Studies
HIST History
HUNU Human Nutrition
INDS Interdisciplinary Studies
ISLF Int Stds In Land & Food Syst
KIN Kinesiology
LAIS Lib, Arch and Info Stud
LING Linguistics
LLED Language & Literacy Ed
MATH Mathematics
MECH Mechanical Engineering
MEDG Medical Genetics
MEDP Medical Physics
MEDX Experimental Medicine
MERM Measurement & Evaluation
MIIM Microbiology & Immunology
MINE Mining
MTRL Materials Engineering
MUSC Music
NRSC Neuroscience
NURS Nursing
OCCH Occupational Hygiene
OCF Oceans and Fisheries
OCGY Oceanography
ONCO Interdisciplinary Oncology
PALM Pathology/Laboratory Medicine
PCTH Pharmacology
PHAR Pharmaceutical Science
PHIL Philosophy
PHYL Physiology
PHYS Physics
PLAN Community & Regional Planning
PLNT Plant Science
POLI Political Science
PSYC Psychology
RELG Religious Studies
RES Resources,Enviro & Sustain
RHSC Rehabilitation Sciences
RPDS Reproductive Developmental Sc
SACP School & Applied Child Psych
SCPS School Psychology
SOCI Sociology
SOIL Soil Science
SOWK Social Work
SPED Special Education
SPPH Population and Public Health
STAT Statistics
TESL Teaching Engl as a 2nd Lang
THTR Theatre
VISA Visual Arts
ZOOL Zoology