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ANTH 540C Advanced Seminar - ADVANCED SEMINAR

This course is not eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading.

Credits: 3

Status Section Activity Term Interval Days Start Time End Time Comments
BlockedANTH 540C 002Seminar1 Thu16:0019:00

From Colonial to Postcolonial Anthropology: A Case Study. Anthropologys legacy as an adjunct to various colonial projects has made it a target for postcolonial critique while inspiring critical reflection and powerful new approaches to understanding the experiences of postcolonial peoples. In this seminar we will explore the complex evolution of sociocultural anthropology from a colonial to postcolonial discipline through the lens of UBC anthropology, beginning with the government sponsored applied work of Harry Hawthorn and his associates up to publications by current faculty. Through these works, we will explore several key themes including anthropological representations of their subjects, the ethics of collaboration, and the purposes of anthropological research.

ANTH 540C 200Seminar1 Mon13:0016:00

Anth 540C 200

Critical Theory After Postmodernism: Affect, New Materialisms, and the Nonhuman

This seminar will examine the recent turn to affect theory, new materialisms, and the nonhuman in the humanities and anthropology. In particular, we will discuss how critical theory has moved away from anthropocentric and discourse-centered understandings of the world in order to engage, rather, the affective, pre-discursive dimensions of social life as well as the materialities and nonhuman agencies that are inseparable from human experience.