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ARTH 380 Art as Technology

Relationship between artistic practice and media, examined through a history of paradigm shifts in technology.

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Credits: 3

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BlockedARTH 380 001Lecture1 Tue15:3017:30

This course proposes the history of Early Modern through Postmodern art as the history of paradigm shifts in the technological mediation of the phenomenal world. We explore single-point perspective, often understood to be the crowning achievement of Western illusionistic pictorial representation, as it developed in relationship to mathematics and architecture. We then move through the heliocentric revolution that undergirds the Early Modern period and new technologies of social organization that found the institutions of the 18th and 19th centuries. Finally, we explore the discourse of and relationship between medium and media that informs visual cognition in the 20th century.

FullARTH 380 L01Tutorial1 Wed14:0015:00
FullARTH 380 L02Tutorial1 Wed15:0016:00
FullARTH 380 L03Tutorial1 Thu12:0013:00
ARTH 380 L04Tutorial1 Thu13:0014:00
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