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COMM 292 Management and Organizational Behaviour

Behaviour in organizations as it affects people as individuals, their relationships with others, their performance in groups and their effectiveness at work.

This course is not eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading.

Credits: 3

Status Section Activity Term Interval Days Start Time End Time Comments
RestrictedCOMM 292 101Lecture1 Mon Wed8:3010:00
RestrictedCOMM 292 102Lecture1 Mon Wed10:0011:30
RestrictedCOMM 292 103Lecture1 Mon Wed11:3013:00
STTCOMM 292 201Lecture2 Mon Wed8:3010:00
STTCOMM 292 202Lecture2 Mon Wed10:0011:30
STTCOMM 292 203Lecture2 Mon Wed14:3016:00
STTCOMM 292 204Lecture2 Mon Wed16:0017:30
STTCOMM 292 205Lecture2 Mon Fri11:3013:00
STTCOMM 292 206Lecture2 Mon Fri13:0014:30
STTCOMM 292 207Lecture2 Mon Fri14:3016:00
STTCOMM 292 208Lecture2 Tue Thu9:3011:00
STTCOMM 292 209Lecture2 Tue Thu11:0012:30
STTCOMM 292 210Lecture2 Tue Thu14:0015:30
STTCOMM 292 211Lecture2 Tue Thu15:3017:00
STTCOMM 292 212Lecture2 Wed Fri10:0011:30
STTCOMM 292 213Lecture2 Wed Fri13:0014:30
STTCOMM 292 214Lecture2 Wed Fri14:3016:00