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EPSE 310A Assessment and Learning in the Classroom - ASMNT&LRN IN CLS


This course is not eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading.

Credits: 2

Status Section Activity Term Interval Days Start Time End Time Comments
STTEPSE 310A 101Lecture2 Tue Wed14:0016:30
STTEPSE 310A 102Lecture2 Fri14:0016:30


Location: most classes will be held at Southlands Elementary School, 5351 Camosun St, Vancouver.

STTEPSE 310A 103Lecture2 Wed8:0010:30
STTEPSE 310A 104Lecture2 Tue14:0016:30
Lecture2 Tue8:0010:00
STTEPSE 310A 105Lecture2 Mon8:0010:30
STTEPSE 310A 107Lecture2 Fri8:0010:30
STTEPSE 310A 108Lecture2 Wed8:0010:30
STTEPSE 310A 109Lecture2 Mon*13:0016:00


* every second week starting with start week
STTEPSE 310A 110Lecture2 Mon14:0016:30
STTEPSE 310A 640Lecture1-2

MERM - EPSE 310.640 is restricted to students in the West Kootenay Teacher Education Program