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GEOB 507A Directed Studies in Physical Geography - DIR ST PHYS GEOG

This course is not eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading.

Credits: 3

Status Section Activity Term Interval Days Start Time End Time Comments
BlockedGEOB 507A 101Directed Studies1
FullGEOB 507A 102Directed Studies1
BlockedGEOB 507A 201Directed Studies2
GEOB 507A 202Directed Studies2 Tue9:3012:30

Population dynamics in the time and space: models, data and application. Underlying much of population ecology are models using different approaches to describe how population dynamics change through time and space. Goals of this course are to 1) assess the role of modeling in answering fundamental questions in population ecology; 2) articulate the strengths and weaknesses of the quantitative approaches presented for modeling population dynamics in time and space; 3) successfully implement mathematical models (in R) to describe population dynamics and spatial spread, and provide a clear interpretation of the results. Course will be a mix of lecture, discussion, hands-on labs in R, and an independent project to analyze your own or someone elses data. Complementary to Biology 548M (Popu and ~

lation Ecology).