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GERM 360 Heaven and Earth: Studies in German Culture and Literature before 1700.

Masterpieces and major trends of the German literature of the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque against the larger background of the political and social developments of the period.

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Credits: 3

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GERM 360 001Lecture1 Tue Thu14:0015:30

In this course, we will study key literary traditions of the German Middle Ages. The first section is dedicated to the heroic epic and, above all, the paradigmatic example of the Nibelungenlied. Subsequently, we will discuss the court culture of the High Middle Ages, focusing on the courtly novel and the Minnesang tradition. In the final weeks of the term, our attention will turn towards texts that reflect on medieval religious culture, and we will conclude our seminar with an outlook on the Reformation period. In addition to preparation and participation, your coursework will consist of three short essays as well as several position papers and initial responses.