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HIST 321B Honours Tutorial - HONOURS TUTORIAL

This course is not eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading.

Credits: 6

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FullHIST 321B 101Tutorial1 Wed15:0017:00

HIST 321B restricted to 3rd Year History honours students.

Documentary Film and the Politics of History: This seminar examines the relationship of documentary film to the production of historical knowledge. Through secondary literature and film the course explores the genres origins and its development into a powerful medium for public history. Topics include the relationship between seeing and believing; the reality effect; propaganda in history; and the digital revolution.

Documentary film and video often target historical subject matter and are a relatively accessible source of historical understanding. In this course, we ask questions about the tradition of documentary filmmaking to gain insight into the place of both film and history in our and other societies. Students will survey a broad array of documentaries and genres and develop skills to critically analyze them as cultural artifacts, as political gestures, and as public history. Final projects include documentary story making.