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PHIL 220 Symbolic Logic

Sentential and predicate logic. Translation from natural language; truth tables and interpretations; systems of natural deduction up to relational predicate logic with identity; alternative proof methods. Some sections may use computer-based materials and tests.

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Credits: 3

Status Section Activity Term Interval Days Start Time End Time Comments
PHIL 220 001Lecture1 Mon Wed Fri9:0010:00
PHIL 220 002Lecture1 Mon Wed Fri10:0011:00
PHIL 220 003Lecture1 Mon Wed Fri12:0013:00
PHIL 220 004Lecture2 Mon Wed Fri9:0010:00

Course Description: This course is a basic introduction to contemporary formal logic and reasoning. No previous familiarity with either philosophy or logic is required, although previous exposure to an introductory course(s) in logic and critical thinking and/or scientific reasoning, Phil 120, or Phil 125, for example, would be an asset. You will learn how to symbolize and evaluate deductive arguments in sentential and predicate logic. Topics include natural language symbolization techniques; truth tables and interpretations; and systems of natural deduction up to relational predicate logic with identity. The course will be of interest not only to philosophy students, but to all students interested in sharpening their logical skills and exploring the nature of reasoning.

PHIL 220 005Lecture2 Mon Wed Fri10:0011:00

Course Description: An introduction to formal (sentential and predicate) logic. Students will learn to translate natural-language arguments into formal systems and evaluate their logical forms for validity. Emphasis on translation from natural language; truth tables and predicate models; and proof systems up to relational predicate logic with identity. Also introductory metalogic, including proofs of soundness and completeness.

PHIL 220 006Lecture2 Tue Thu9:3011:00
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