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Subject Code - APBI (Applied Biology)

Course Title
APBI 100Soil and the Global Environment
APBI 200Introduction to Soil Science
APBI 314Animals and Society
APBI 365Summer Practicum in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems
APBI 428Integrated Pest Management
APBI 462Conservation Agriculture and Biodiversity Monitoring
APBI 496AApplied Animal Biology Practicum - APBI PRACTICUM
APBI 496BApplied Animal Biology Practicum - APBI PRACTICUM
APBI 497ADirected Studies - DIR STUDIES
APBI 497BDirected Studies - DIR STUDIES
APBI 497CDirected Studies - DIR STUDIES
APBI 497EDirected Studies - DIR STUDIES
APBI 498Undergraduate Essay
APBI 499Undergraduate Thesis