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Subject Code - ARCH (Architecture)

Course Title
ARCH 411Materials and Methods of Construction
ARCH 500Architectural Design Studio I
ARCH 501Architectural Design Studio II
ARCH 511Architectural Technology I
ARCH 512Structures I
ARCH 513Environmental Systems and Controls I
ARCH 515Design Media I
ARCH 517Design Media II
ARCH 520Architectural Design Studio III
ARCH 521Architectural Design Studio IV
ARCH 523Contemporary Theories in Architecture
ARCH 531Architectural Technology II
ARCH 532Architectural Structures II
ARCH 533Environmental Systems and Controls II
ARCH 540Architectural Design Studio V
ARCH 541Professional Practice
ARCH 543Seminar: Contemporary Practice
ARCH 544BSeminar in Architecture - INDIG RES MTHDS
ARCH 545ADirected Studies in Architecture - DRECTD STDY ARCH
ARCH 545BDirected Studies in Architecture - DRECTD STDY ARCH
ARCH 548Graduate Project Part I
ARCH 549Graduate Project Part II
ARCH 555ACo-operative Education - CO-OP EDUC I
ARCH 555BCo-operative Education - CO-OP EDUC II
ARCH 568Research Methods
ARCH 571ASeminar: Technology and Analysis - THE STAIRCASE
ARCH 571BSeminar: Technology and Analysis - CRFT ARCH DTLNG
ARCH 574Green Building Contemporary Practice
ARCH 575Regenerative Development
ARCH 597FSpecial Topics - THEMES IN ARC
ARCH 598Research Thesis