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Subject Code - ASTU (Arts Studies)

Course Title
ASTU 1001st Year CAP Seminar
ASTU 101Writing for Research in the Social Sciences and the Humanities
ASTU 201Canada, Japan and the Pacific: Cultural Studies
ASTU 202Canada, Japan and the Pacific: Political, Economic and Geographical Perspectives
ASTU 204ATopics in Interdisciplinary Arts Studies - VANTAGE PROGRAM
ASTU 310Co-operative Work Placement I
ASTU 311Co-operative Work Placement II
ASTU 400AInterdisciplinary Studies in Arts - SHAPING MEN
ASTU 400BInterdisciplinary Studies in Arts - PAN-AFRICANISM
ASTU 400DInterdisciplinary Studies in Arts - VISUAL ARTS
ASTU 400EInterdisciplinary Studies in Arts - EMOTION
ASTU 400FInterdisciplinary Studies in Arts - AYUR AND MNTL IL
ASTU 400PInterdisciplinary Studies in Arts - VISNS TECH PROGR
ASTU 400QInterdisciplinary Studies in Arts - INTERDISCIP STUD
ASTU 400RInterdisciplinary Studies in Arts - WRITTEN AND ORAL
ASTU 400SInterdisciplinary Studies in Arts - MUSQUEAM
ASTU 400TInterdisciplinary Studies in Arts - RHT & SOC US ELC
ASTU 400UInterdisciplinary Studies in Arts - CREATIVE SCIENCE
ASTU 400VInterdisciplinary Studies in Arts - LAW & SOCIETY
ASTU 400WInterdisciplinary Studies in Arts - EATING DISORDRS
ASTU 400XInterdisciplinary Studies in Arts - EXMNTN LAW & LIT
ASTU 400YInterdisciplinary Studies in Arts - THE INKLINGS
ASTU 400ZInterdisciplinary Studies in Arts - TRMA DISORDRS
ASTU 401GSpecial Topics in Arts Studies - WICKED PROBLEMS
ASTU 401HSpecial Topics in Arts Studies - CBR PARTNERSHIPS
ASTU 401KSpecial Topics in Arts Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
ASTU 402Living Language: Science and Society
ASTU 410Co-operative Work Placement III
ASTU 411Co-operative Work Placement IV
ASTU 412Co-operative Work Placement V
ASTU 412ACo-operative Work Placement V - COOP PLACEMENT V
ASTU 412BCo-operative Work Placement V - COOP PLACEMENT V
ASTU 501Co-operative Work Placement I
ASTU 502Co-operative Work Placement 2
ASTU 503Co-operative Work Placement 3
ASTU 610Co-operative Education Work Placement 1
ASTU 611Co-operative Education Work Placement 2
ASTU 612Co-operative Education Work Placement 3
ASTU 613Co-operative Education Work Placement 4