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Subject Code - ATSC (Atmospheric Science)

Course Title
ATSC 113Applied Meteorology
ATSC 201Meteorology of Storms
ATSC 301Atmospheric Radiation and Remote Sensing
ATSC 313Renewable Energy Meteorology
ATSC 398Co-operative Work Placement I
ATSC 399Co-operative Work Placement II
ATSC 448ADirected Studies - DIR STUDY
ATSC 448BDirected Studies - DIR STUDY
ATSC 449Honours Project
ATSC 498Co-operative Work Placement III
ATSC 499Co-operative Work Placement IV
ATSC 548AMaster's Graduation Essay - M GRAD ESSAY
ATSC 548BMaster's Graduation Essay - M GRAD ESSAY
ATSC 595ADirected Studies - DIRECT STUDIES
ATSC 595DDirected Studies - DIRECT STUDIES
ATSC 597Co-operative Work Placement I
ATSC 598Co-operative Work Placement II
ATSC 599AMaster's Thesis - MASTER'S THESIS
ATSC 699Doctoral Dissertation