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Subject Code - BIOC (Biochemistry)

Course Title
BIOC 202Introductory Medical Biochemistry
BIOC 203Fundamentals of Biochemistry
BIOC 301Biochemistry Laboratory
BIOC 302General Biochemistry
BIOC 303Molecular Biochemistry
BIOC 304Contemporary Biochemical Research
BIOC 398Internship Work Placement I
BIOC 399Internship Work Placement II
BIOC 402Proteins: Structure and Function
BIOC 403Enzymology
BIOC 404Biochemical Methods
BIOC 410Nucleic Acids-Structure and Function
BIOC 420Advanced Biochemical Techniques
BIOC 421Recombinant DNA Techniques
BIOC 440Concepts in Molecular Biology
BIOC 448ADirected Studies in Biochemistry - DIRECTED STUDIES
BIOC 448BDirected Studies in Biochemistry - DIRECTED STUDIES
BIOC 449AHonours Thesis - HONOURS THESIS
BIOC 449BHonours Thesis - HONOURS THESIS
BIOC 449CHonours Thesis - HONOURS THESIS
BIOC 450Membrane Biochemistry
BIOC 460Advanced Techniques in Biochemistry
BIOC 498Internship Work Placement III
BIOC 499Internship Work Placement IV
BIOC 501AAdvanced Biochemistry Laboratory - ADV BIOC LAB
BIOC 501CAdvanced Biochemistry Laboratory - ADV BIOC LAB
BIOC 511Biochemical Aspects of Cellular Regulation
BIOC 514Advanced Topics in Protein Chemistry
BIOC 530Seminar in Biochemistry
BIOC 548ADirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
BIOC 548BDirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
BIOC 548CDirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
BIOC 548DDirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
BIOC 549M.Sc. Thesis
BIOC 551Advanced Topics in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
BIOC 552Membrane Proteins
BIOC 553Advanced Topics in Lipid Biology
BIOC 554Nucleic Acids: DNA/RNA Structure and Function
BIOC 555Epigenetics
BIOC 556Biochemical Aspects of Cellular Regulation
BIOC 557Advanced Topics in Biochemistry
BIOC 558Advanced Topics in Protein Chemistry I
BIOC 559Advanced Topics in Protein Chemistry II
BIOC 560Computational Approaches in Biochemistry
BIOC 649Doctoral Dissertation