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Subject Code - BIOL (Biology)

BIOL 121 is pre-requisite to all Biology courses, except BIOL 153, 343, 344, 345, 346, 442, 445 and 446. From 2002 on, BIOL 112 is the normal pre-requisite to BIOL 200. BIOL 121 is a pre-requisite for admission to Major or Honours options in Biology and other life science programs. In addition, BIOL 140 is a pre-requisite for admission to Biochemistry programs and both BIOL 140 and 112 are pre-requisite for admission to Biology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, and Physiology programs. Students interested in meeting the entrance requirements of the Faculties/Schools of Agricultural Sciences, Dentistry, Forestry, Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kinesiology, and Rehabilitation Sciences should consult the appropriate office to determine the first-year Biology requirement. Additional fees are charged for some courses. Please see MRNE section for more upper level biology course listings. MRNE courses are field-based courses provided at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre.

Course Title
BIOL 111Introduction to Modern Biology
BIOL 112Biology of the Cell
BIOL 121Genetics, Evolution and Ecology
BIOL 140Laboratory Investigations in Life Science
BIOL 153Human Biology
BIOL 155Human Biology
BIOL 200Fundamentals of Cell Biology
BIOL 201Introduction to Biochemistry
BIOL 203Eukaryotic Microbiology
BIOL 204Vertebrate Structure and Function
BIOL 205Comparative Invertebrate Zoology
BIOL 209Biodiversity of Algae, Fungi and Bryophytes
BIOL 210Vascular Plants
BIOL 230Fundamentals of Ecology
BIOL 233Genetics for Life
BIOL 234Fundamentals of Genetics
BIOL 260Fundamentals of Physiology
BIOL 300Fundamentals of Biostatistics
BIOL 301Biomathematics
BIOL 306Advanced Ecology
BIOL 310Introduction to Animal Behaviour
BIOL 317Weed Science
BIOL 320Survey of Algae
BIOL 323Structure and Reproduction of Fungi
BIOL 324Introduction to Seed Plant Taxonomy
BIOL 325Introduction to Animal Mechanics and Locomotion
BIOL 326Experimental Biology of Invertebrates
BIOL 327Introduction to Entomology
BIOL 328Introductory Parasitology
BIOL 331Developmental Biology
BIOL 332Protistology
BIOL 335Molecular Genetics
BIOL 336Fundamentals of Evolutionary Biology
BIOL 337Introductory Genetics Laboratory
BIOL 338Introduction to Genomics
BIOL 340Introductory Cell Biology Laboratory
BIOL 341Introductory Molecular Biology Laboratory
BIOL 342Integrative Biology Laboratory
BIOL 343Plants and Peoples
BIOL 344Human Heredity and Evolution
BIOL 345Human Ecology
BIOL 346Microbes and Society
BIOL 347Principles and Methodology in Biological Research
BIOL 351Plant Physiology I
BIOL 352Plant Physiology II: Plant Development
BIOL 361Physiology of Sensory, Nervous and Muscular Systems
BIOL 362Cellular Physiology
BIOL 363Laboratory in Animal Physiology
BIOL 364Comparative Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Osmoregulatory Physiology
BIOL 398Co-operative Work Placement I
BIOL 399Co-operative Work Placement II
BIOL 404Ecological Methodology
BIOL 406Plant Ecology I
BIOL 411Insect Ecology
BIOL 412Phytogeography
BIOL 413Zoogeography
BIOL 415Evolutionary Processes in Plants
BIOL 416Principles of Conservation Biology
BIOL 417Phylogenetic Biology
BIOL 418Evolutionary Ecology
BIOL 420Ocean Conservation and Sustainability
BIOL 421Plant-Microbe Interactions
BIOL 425Biomechanics
BIOL 427Ornithology and Herpetology
BIOL 428Evolutionary Morphology of Marine Invertebrates
BIOL 430Genome Evolution
BIOL 431Evolutionary Cell Biology
BIOL 432Research Strategies and Techniques in Cell Biology
BIOL 433Plant Genetics
BIOL 434Population Genetics
BIOL 436Integrated Functional Genomics
BIOL 437Laboratory in Animal Cell Molecular Biology
BIOL 438Zoological Physics
BIOL 441Cell Biology of Intracellular Trafficking
BIOL 445Darwin's Fishes
BIOL 446History and Philosophy of Biology
BIOL 447Principles and Methodology in Biological Research
BIOL 448ADirected Studies in Biology - DIRECTED STUDIES
BIOL 448BDirected Studies in Biology - DIRECTED STUDIES
BIOL 448DDirected Studies in Biology - DIRECTED STUDIES
BIOL 449Directed Biological Research
BIOL 450Molecular Adaptation of Animals to the Environment
BIOL 454Comparative Animal Physiology
BIOL 455Comparative Neurobiology
BIOL 457Comparative Environmental Physiology
BIOL 458Developmental Neurobiology
BIOL 459Neurobiology of Sensory and Motor Systems
BIOL 462Ecological Plant Biochemistry
BIOL 463Gene Regulation in Development
BIOL 464Animal Developmental Genetics
BIOL 465Diversity and Evolution of Fishes
BIOL 490AStudent Directed Seminars - STUDNT DIR SEMNR
BIOL 498Co-operative Work Placement III
BIOL 499Co-operative Work Placement IV
BIOL 501Quantitative Methods in Ecology and Evolution
BIOL 509Population and Quantitative Genetics
BIOL 530The Biology of the Cell
BIOL 548GAdvanced Topics in Biology - ADV TOPICS BIOL
BIOL 548IAdvanced Topics in Biology - ADV TOPICS BIOL
BIOL 548JAdvanced Topics in Biology - ADV TOPICS BIOL
BIOL 548LAdvanced Topics in Biology - ADV TOPICS BIOL
BIOL 548MAdvanced Topics in Biology - ADV TOPICS BIOL
BIOL 548OAdvanced Topics in Biology - ADV TOPICS BIOL
BIOL 548PAdvanced Topics in Biology - ADV TOPICS BIOL
BIOL 548QAdvanced Topics in Biology - ADV TOPICS BIOL
BIOL 548SAdvanced Topics in Biology - ADV TOPICS BIOL