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Subject Code - BUSI (Business)

Course Title
BUSI 100Micro Foundations of Real Estate Economics
BUSI 101Capital Markets and Real Estate
BUSI 111British Columbia Real Estate Law and Real Estate Ethics
BUSI 112Canadian Real Property Law and Real Estate Ethics
BUSI 121Foundations of Real Estate Mathematics
BUSI 291Application of Statistics in Business
BUSI 293Introductory Financial Accounting
BUSI 294Introductory Management Accounting
BUSI 300Urban and Real Estate Economics
BUSI 330Foundations of Real Estate Appraisal
BUSI 331Real Estate Investment Analysis and Advanced Income Appraisal
BUSI 335Information Systems
BUSI 344Statistical and Computer Applications in Valuation
BUSI 352Case Studies in Residential Valuation
BUSI 353Intermediate Financial Accounting I
BUSI 354Cost Accounting
BUSI 355Introduction to Income Tax
BUSI 370Business Finance
BUSI 393Introduction to Business Law
BUSI 398Residental Property Guided Case Study
BUSI 400Residential Property Analysis
BUSI 401Commercial Property Analysis
BUSI 420Integrated Business Leadership
BUSI 433Real Estate Business
BUSI 442Case Studies in Appraisal I
BUSI 443Assessment Administration
BUSI 444Computer Aided Mass Property Assessment
BUSI 450Intermediate Financial Accounting II
BUSI 452Case Studies in Appraisal II
BUSI 453Advanced Financial Accounting
BUSI 455Principles of Auditing
BUSI 493Strategic Management in Business
BUSI 497Guided Case Study in Agricultural Real Estate
BUSI 499Income Property Guided Case Study