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Subject Code - CAPS (Cellular, Anatomical and Physiological Sciences)

Course Title
CAPS 200Biomedical Research: Essential Skills and Concepts
CAPS 301Human Physiology
CAPS 303Laboratory in Human Physiology (Honours)
CAPS 390Introduction to Microscopic Human Anatomy
CAPS 391Introduction to Gross Human Anatomy
CAPS 398Cooperative Work Placement
CAPS 399Cooperative Work Placement II
CAPS 421Advanced Cellular and Molecular Physiology
CAPS 422Mammalian Cardiovascular and Respiratory Physiology
CAPS 423Mammalian Renal and Gastrointestinal Physiology
CAPS 424Mammalian Endocrinology
CAPS 426Physiological Basis of Central Nervous System Functions
CAPS 430Advanced Laboratory in Physiology
CAPS 448ADirected Studies in Physiology - DIRECTED STUDIES
CAPS 448BDirected Studies in Physiology - DIRECTED STUDIES
CAPS 448CDirected Studies in Physiology - DIRECTED STUDIES
CAPS 449Graduating Essay
CAPS 498Cooperative Work Placement III
CAPS 499Cooperative Work Placement IV