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Subject Code - CHIN (Chinese)

For each academic session (W and S), prior to registration in any CHIN course, students are required to complete the online Chinese Placement Questionnaire at to obtain a placement approval certificate. Students are only eligible for courses listed on their placement approval certificate. Please contact the placement coordinator at if there are any concerns about the placement approval certificate. Please submit the certificate to the Instructor on the first day of class. For more information on placement approval, please visit Placement Tests at Note: Students must obtain a minimum grade of 60% to advance to the next level of language. This applies to all students in CHIN language courses, not just language majors.

Course Title
CHIN 131Basic Chinese I: Part 1 (Non-Heritage)
CHIN 133Basic Chinese I: Part 2 (Non-Heritage)
CHIN 134Intensive Basic Chinese I (Non-Heritage)
CHIN 143Basic Chinese I: Part 2 (Heritage)
CHIN 144Intensive Basic Chinese I (Heritage)
CHIN 233Basic Chinese II: Part 2 (Non-Heritage)
CHIN 234Intensive Basic Chinese II (Non-Heritage)
CHIN 243Basic Chinese II: Part 2 (Heritage)
CHIN 244Intensive Basic Chinese II (Heritage)
CHIN 333Intermediate Chinese I: Part 2 (Non-Heritage)
CHIN 334Intensive Intermediate Chinese I (Non-Heritage)
CHIN 337Intermediate Chinese II: Part 2 (Non-Heritage)
CHIN 338Intensive Intermediate Chinese II (Non-Heritage)
CHIN 464Early Classical Chinese Poetry (Intensive)
CHIN 465Fantasy in Chinese Literature
CHIN 466Chinese Martial Arts Fiction
CHIN 474Later Classical Chinese Poetry (Intensive)
CHIN 484Intensive Modern Chinese Literature (Heritage)
CHIN 485Contemporary Chinese Fiction in Film
CHIN 494Intensive Classical Chinese (Heritage)