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Subject Code - CIVL (Civil Engineering)

Course Title
CIVL 201Introduction to Civil Engineering
CIVL 203Technical Communication in Civil Engineering
CIVL 204Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering
CIVL 210Soil Mechanics I
CIVL 215Fluid Mechanics I
CIVL 230Solid Mechanics
CIVL 231Structural Mechanics
CIVL 250Engineering and Sustainable Development
CIVL 300Construction Engineering and Management
CIVL 301Modelling and Decision-Making in Civil Engineering
CIVL 302Civil Engineering Impacts
CIVL 303Computational Tools in Civil Engineering
CIVL 305Introduction to Environmental Engineering Applications
CIVL 311Soil Mechanics II
CIVL 315Fluid Mechanics II
CIVL 316Hydrology and Open Channel Flow
CIVL 320Civil Engineering Materials
CIVL 331Steel and Timber Design
CIVL 332Structural Analysis
CIVL 340Transportation Engineering I
CIVL 402Professionalism and Law in Civil Engineering
CIVL 403Engineering Economic Analysis
CIVL 406Water Treatment and Waste Management
CIVL 407Environmental Laboratory Analysis
CIVL 408Geo-Environmental Engineering
CIVL 409Municipal Engineering
CIVL 410Foundation Engineering I
CIVL 411Foundation Engineering II
CIVL 413Design of Earth Dams and Containment Structures
CIVL 415Water Resource Engineering
CIVL 416Environmental Hydraulics
CIVL 417Coastal Engineering
CIVL 418Engineering Hydrology
CIVL 420Concrete Technology
CIVL 425Case Studies of Construction Methods
CIVL 426Virtual Design and Construction
CIVL 430Design of Concrete Structures
CIVL 432Advanced Structural Steel Design
CIVL 433Advanced Concrete Design
CIVL 435Advanced Structural Analysis
CIVL 436Matrix Structural Analysis and Dynamics
CIVL 437Introduction to Ship Structures
CIVL 439Design of Timber Structures
CIVL 440Transportation Engineering II
CIVL 441Transportation Planning and Analysis
CIVL 445Civil Engineering Design Project I.
CIVL 446Civil Engineering Design Project II.
CIVL 475Environmental Stewardship in Civil Engineering
CIVL 478Building Science
CIVL 498ATopics in Civil Engineering - MCHN LRN CST MGT
CIVL 498MTopics in Civil Engineering - DSGN MSNRY STRUC
CIVL 504Seismic Hazard Analysis and Design Parameters
CIVL 505Principles of Earthquake Engineering and Seismic Design
CIVL 506Performance-based Earthquake Engineering
CIVL 507Dynamics of Structures I
CIVL 508Dynamics of Structures II
CIVL 509Nonlinear Structural Analysis
CIVL 511Seismic Design of Steel Structures
CIVL 513Concrete Structures
CIVL 516Behaviour of Timber Structures
CIVL 518Reliability and Structural Safety
CIVL 519Risk and Decision Analysis for Infrastructure Management
CIVL 520Construction Planning and Control
CIVL 521Construction Methods and Performance
CIVL 522Project and Construction Economics
CIVL 523Project Management for Engineers
CIVL 524Legal Aspects of Project and Construction Management
CIVL 526Virtual Design and Construction
CIVL 529Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation of Civil Infrastructure
CIVL 537Computational Mechanics I
CIVL 538Computational Mechanics II
CIVL 540Advanced Coastal Engineering
CIVL 541Environmental Fluid Mechanics
CIVL 547Estuary Hydraulics
CIVL 555Optimization and Heuristic Approaches for Civil Engineering Systems
CIVL 561Risk and Remediation in Geo-environment
CIVL 562Environmental Data Collection and Analysis
CIVL 565Physical-Chemical Treatment Processes
CIVL 569Environmental Biotechnology
CIVL 570Advanced Soil Mechanics
CIVL 574Experimental Soil Mechanics
CIVL 575Constitutive Models for Soil
CIVL 579Geosynthetics
CIVL 581Soil Dynamics for Design Practice
CIVL 582Transportation Engineering Impacts
CIVL 597Seminar
CIVL 598KTopics in Civil Engineering - ENVRMNTL STWDSHP
CIVL 598MTopics in Civil Engineering - DSGN MSNRY STRUC
CIVL 598QTopics in Civil Engineering - ADV CONC MAT APP
CIVL 598STopics in Civil Engineering - HYDRAULIC STRUCT
CIVL 598WTopics in Civil Engineering - WATSAN LW RESORC
CIVL 599M.A.Sc. Thesis
CIVL 699Doctoral Dissertation