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Subject Code - CNPS (Counselling Psychology)

Course Title
CNPS 362Basic Interviewing Skills
CNPS 363Career Counselling
CNPS 364Family Education and Consultation
CNPS 365Introduction to Theories of Counselling
CNPS 427Guidance: Planning and Decision-making
CNPS 433The Personal and Social Development of the Adult
CNPS 532CPsychological Assessment in Counselling - PSYC ASSESS CNSL
CNPS 545Family Counselling - Interventions and Research
CNPS 574Career Planning and Decision-Making Counselling
CNPS 580AProblems in Education - PROB IN EDUC 1
CNPS 580CProblems in Education - PROB IN EDUC
CNPS 584Program Development and Professional Practice in Counselling
CNPS 594Cross-Cultural Counselling
CNPS 595BStress, Coping and Adaptation Related to Trauma and Addictions - STRS, CPNG, ADAP
CNPS 598CField Experiences - FIELD EXPERIENCE
CNPS 598HField Experiences - FIELD EXPERIENCE
CNPS 599CMaster's Thesis - MASTER'S THESIS
CNPS 698Pre-Doctoral Internship
CNPS 699Doctoral Dissertation