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Subject Code - CPEN (Computer Engineering)

Course Title
CPEN 211Introduction to Microcomputers
CPEN 221Principles of Software Construction
CPEN 223Software Design for Engineers
CPEN 281Technical Communication
CPEN 291Computer Engineering Design Studio I
CPEN 311Digital Systems Design
CPEN 312Digital Systems and Microcomputers
CPEN 321Software Engineering
CPEN 331Operating Systems
CPEN 333System Software Engineering
CPEN 391Computer Engineering Design Studio II
CPEN 400ATopics in Computer Engineering - BLDG MDRN WEBAPP
CPEN 400DTopics in Computer Engineering - DEEP LEARNING
CPEN 400UTopics in Computer Engineering - UGRAD RESRCH EXP
CPEN 400YTopics in Computer Engineering - CAPSTONE DSGN A
CPEN 411Computer Architecture
CPEN 412Microcomputer Systems Design
CPEN 421Software Project Management
CPEN 422Software Testing and Analysis
CPEN 431Design of Distributed Software Applications
CPEN 432Real-time System Design
CPEN 441Human Computer Interfaces in Engineering Design
CPEN 442Introduction to Cybersecurity
CPEN 481Economic Analysis of Engineering Projects
CPEN 491Computer Engineering Capstone Design Project
CPEN 499AUndergraduate Thesis - UNDERGRAD THESIS
CPEN 499BUndergraduate Thesis - UNDERGRAD THESIS
CPEN 502Architecture for Learning Systems
CPEN 511Advanced Computer Architecture
CPEN 512Parallel and Reconfigurable Computing
CPEN 513CAD Algorithms for Integrated Circuits
CPEN 521ATopics in Software Engineering - MCHN LRNG SF ENG
CPEN 522Software Verification and Testing
CPEN 523Software Project Management
CPEN 541Human Interface Technologies
CPEN 542Cybersecurity
CPEN 642Cybersecurity Research Seminar