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Subject Code - DHYG (Dental Hygiene)

Course Title
DHYG 106Basics of Oral Microbiology
DHYG 108Oral Health Sciences I
DHYG 110Dental Hygiene Theory and Practice I
DHYG 206Head and Neck Anatomy
DHYG 208Oral Health Sciences II
DHYG 210Dental Hygiene Theory and Practice II
DHYG 310Dental Hygiene Theory and Practice III
DHYG 325Applied Pharmacology
DHYG 400APolicy Analysis and Change - POL ANYLS CHNG
DHYG 400BPolicy Analysis and Change - POL ANYLS CHNG
DHYG 401Oral Epidemiology
DHYG 402Dental Hygiene Practice I
DHYG 405Oral Microbiology and Immunology
DHYG 406Guided Study in Dental Hygiene
DHYG 410Dental Hygiene Theory and Practice IV
DHYG 412Oral Health Care Trends and Topics
DHYG 433Assessment and Treatment Planning for Advanced Periodontal Diseases
DHYG 435Oral Medicine and Pathology
DHYG 461Literature Review I
DHYG 462Literature Review II