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Subject Code - DSCI (Data Science)

Course Title
DSCI 100Introduction to Data Science
DSCI 511Programming for Data Science
DSCI 512Algorithms and Data Structures
DSCI 513Databases and Data Retrieval
DSCI 521Computing Platforms for Data Science
DSCI 522Data Science Workflows
DSCI 523Programming for Data Manipulation
DSCI 524Collaborative Software Development
DSCI 525Web and Cloud Computing
DSCI 531Data Visualization I
DSCI 532Data Visualization II
DSCI 541Privacy, Ethics, and Security
DSCI 542Communication and Argumentation
DSCI 551Descriptive Statistics and Probability for Data Science
DSCI 552Statistical Inference and Computation I
DSCI 553Statistical Inference and Computation II
DSCI 554Experimentation and Causal Inference
DSCI 561Regression I
DSCI 562Regression II
DSCI 563Unsupervised Learning
DSCI 571Supervised Learning I
DSCI 572Supervised Learning II
DSCI 573Feature and Model Selection
DSCI 574Spatial and Temporal Models
DSCI 575Advanced Machine Learning
DSCI 591Capstone Project