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Subject Code - ECED (Early Childhood Education)

Course Title
ECED 400Introduction to Early Childhood Education and Care
ECED 405AFoundations of Curriculum and Instruction in Early Childhood Education - FND ERLY CHLD ED
ECED 406Early Learning Curriculum in the Pre-School Years
ECED 407Supporting Early Learning in the Pre-School Years
ECED 416Kindergarten Curriculum
ECED 420History of Early Childhood Education
ECED 421Supporting Young Children Through Home, School, and Community Relationships
ECED 438Observation and Documentation in Early Childhood Settings
ECED 439Assessment of Infants and Young Children with Special Needs
ECED 495Early Childhood Education Practicum and Seminar III
ECED 530BEarly Childhood Development, Intervention, and Inclusion in Early Childhood Programs - INT&INCL PROGRMS
ECED 531BSupporting Young Children's Social Emotional Learning in Early Childhood Programs - SUP SOC EMOT LRN
ECED 580AProblems in Early Childhood Education - PROB IN ECE
ECED 580CProblems in Early Childhood Education - PROB IN ECE
ECED 590AGraduating Project - GRADUATING PRJCT
ECED 590EGraduating Project - GRADUATING PRJCT
ECED 599AMaster's Thesis - MASTER'S THESIS