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Subject Code - EDST (Educational Studies)

Course Title
EDST 401Education, School, and Social Institutions
EDST 403Education, Knowledge, and Curriculum
EDST 493Introduction to the Study of Higher Education
EDST 503Foundations of Adult Learning and Education
EDST 508AReview of Research in Educational Studies - REV RES ED STUDS
EDST 508BReview of Research in Educational Studies - REV RES ED STUDS
EDST 509Constructing Citizens: Canada and the Educational Past
EDST 511Organization and Administration of Higher Education
EDST 515Survey Research Methods
EDST 518Theory and Research on Adult Learning
EDST 520Perspectives on Adult Education Practice
EDST 521Foundations of Higher Education
EDST 523AComparative Education - COMPARATIVE ED 1
EDST 525Program Evaluation in Adult and Community Education
EDST 528Social Movements, Political Learning and Popular Education
EDST 531The Politics of Educational Governance
EDST 535Comparative and International Adult Education
EDST 540ALocating Oneself in Global Learning - GLOB LEARN
EDST 540BLocating Oneself in Global Learning - GLOB LEARN
EDST 541Adult Learning: Contexts and Perspectives
EDST 543Understanding Research
EDST 544Global/Local Learning
EDST 545Indigenous Inquiry and Research
EDST 546Indigenous Methodology and Epistemology
EDST 561APracticum - PRACTICUM
EDST 561BPracticum - PRACTICUM
EDST 565BSpecial Course in Subject Matter Field - SP CRS SUB FLD 2
EDST 565DSpecial Course in Subject Matter Field - SP CRS SBJCT FLD
EDST 571Educational Research: Relating Questions, Theory, and Methodology
EDST 575Work and Learning
EDST 577Social Contexts of Educational Policy, Politics and Practice
EDST 578Multiculturalism and its Critical Alternatives: Diversity in Education and Society
EDST 580ADirected Study - DIRECTED STUDY
EDST 580BDirected Study - DIRECTED STUDY
EDST 580CDirected Study - DIRECTED STUDY
EDST 581Leadership, Administration, and the Aims of Education
EDST 582The Study of Educational Organizations
EDST 583AAdvanced Seminar in Educational Studies - ADV SEM ED STDS
EDST 585Capstone: Society, Culture, and Politics in Education
EDST 588Environmental Philosophy and Education
EDST 590Graduating Paper
EDST 593AEthics and Education - ETHICS & EDUC
EDST 597Educational Theories: Equality, Democracy, and Justice
EDST 599CMaster's Thesis - MASTER'S THESIS
EDST 599EMaster's Thesis - MASTER'S THESIS
EDST 601ADoctoral Seminar - DOCTORAL SEM
EDST 601BDoctoral Seminar - DOCTORAL SEM
EDST 602ADoctoral Seminar - DOCTORAL SEMINAR
EDST 690Ed.D. Thesis
EDST 699Doctoral Dissertation