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Subject Code - ENGL (English)


Course Title
ENGL 100Reading and Writing about Literature
ENGL 110Approaches to Literature
ENGL 111Approaches to Non-fictional Prose
ENGL 112Strategies for University Writing
ENGL 120Literature and Criticism
ENGL 140Challenging Language Myths
ENGL 200Principles of Literary Studies
ENGL 210An Introduction to English Honours
ENGL 211Seminar for English Honours
ENGL 220Literature in English to the 18th Century
ENGL 221Literature in Britain: the 18th Century to the Present
ENGL 222Literature in Canada
ENGL 223Literature in the United States
ENGL 224World Literature in English
ENGL 225Poetry
ENGL 229Topics in the Study of Language and/or Rhetoric
ENGL 231Introduction to Indigenous Literatures
ENGL 232Approaches to Media Studies
ENGL 242Introduction to Children's and Young Adult Literature
ENGL 243Speculative Fiction
ENGL 244Environment and Literature
ENGL 245Comics and Graphic Media
ENGL 246Literature and Film
ENGL 247Television Studies
ENGL 248Mystery and Detective Fiction
ENGL 301Technical Writing
ENGL 307Studies in Rhetoric
ENGL 309Rhetoric of Science, Technology, and Medicine
ENGL 310History and Theory of Rhetoric: Classical Rhetoric
ENGL 312Discourse and Society
ENGL 318History of the English Language: Early History
ENGL 319History of the English Language: Later History
ENGL 321English Grammar and Usage
ENGL 322Stylistics
ENGL 323Varieties of English
ENGL 324English Corpus Linguistics
ENGL 327Cognitive Approaches to the Study of Meaning
ENGL 328Metaphor, Language and Thought
ENGL 330The Structure of Modern English: Sounds and Words
ENGL 331The Structure of Modern English: Sentences and Their Uses
ENGL 332Approaches to Media History
ENGL 333History of the Book
ENGL 342Introduction to Old English
ENGL 343Anglo-Saxon and Early Medieval Literature
ENGL 344Middle English Literature
ENGL 346Chaucer
ENGL 347Renaissance Literature
ENGL 348Shakespeare
ENGL 349Seventeenth-Century Literature
ENGL 350Milton
ENGL 351Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature
ENGL 353Eighteenth-Century Literature
ENGL 355Romantic Period Literature
ENGL 360Early Canadian Writing
ENGL 361U.S. Literature to 1890
ENGL 362Victorian Period Literature
ENGL 364Nineteenth-Century Literature
ENGL 365Modernist Literature
ENGL 366Twentieth-Century Literature
ENGL 368U.S. Literature from 1890
ENGL 370Literatures and Cultures of Africa and/or the Middle East
ENGL 371Asian Canadian and/or Asian Transnational Studies
ENGL 372Canadian Literature
ENGL 373Indigenous Literature
ENGL 374Post-colonial Literature
ENGL 375Global South Connections
ENGL 377World Literature and Social Movements
ENGL 378Contemporary Literature
ENGL 380Theory: Meaning and Interpretation
ENGL 382Theory: Anti-/De-/Post-Colonization
ENGL 392Children's Literature
ENGL 393Ecocriticism
ENGL 394Canadian Environmental Writing
ENGL 396Studies in Drama
ENGL 397Studies in Prose Fiction
ENGL 489Language Majors Seminar
ENGL 490Literature Majors Seminar
ENGL 491FSenior Honours Seminar - SR HONORS SEMNR1
ENGL 491GSenior Honours Seminar - SR HONORS SEMNR1
ENGL 491HSenior Honours Seminar - SR HONORS SEMNR1
ENGL 492FSenior Honours Seminar - SR HONORS SEMNR2
ENGL 492GSenior Honours Seminar - SR HONORS SEMNR2
ENGL 492HSenior Honours Seminar - SR HONORS SEMNR2
ENGL 492JSenior Honours Seminar - SR HONORS SEMNR2
ENGL 492KSenior Honours Seminar - SR HONORS SEMNR2
ENGL 496ADirected Readings in English Literature - DIRECTED READING
ENGL 496BDirected Readings in English Literature - DIRECTED READING
ENGL 496HDirected Readings in English Literature - DIRECTED READING
ENGL 499AHonours Essay - HONOURS ESSAY
ENGL 499BHonours Essay - HONOURS ESSAY
ENGL 499CHonours Essay - HONOURS ESSAY
ENGL 500Research in English Studies
ENGL 500BResearch in English Studies - RES ENGL STUDIES
ENGL 508BLinguistic Studies of Contemporary English - LING CNTMPRY ENG
ENGL 509BStudies in Rhetoric - STDS RHETORIC
ENGL 510BStudies in Old English - STUDIES OLD ENGL
ENGL 511BChaucer - CHAUCER
ENGL 514BStudies in the Renaissance - ST'S RENAISSANCE
ENGL 520BStudies in the Seventeenth Century - STUDIES 17TH C
ENGL 525BStudies in the Eighteenth Century - STUDIES 18TH C
ENGL 530BStudies in the Romantic Period - ROMANTIC PERIOD
ENGL 535BStudies in the Victorian Period - STD IN VICT ERA
ENGL 539DStudies in the Twentieth Century - STUDIES 20TH C
ENGL 540BStudies in American Literature to 1890 - AMER LIT TO 1890
ENGL 541BStudies in American Literature Since 1890 - AMER LIT 1890 ON
ENGL 545BStudies in Canadian Literature - STUDIES CAN LIT
ENGL 546AStudies in Commonwealth/Post-colonial Literatures - CMMNWLTH/POSTCOL
ENGL 547ADirected Reading - DIRECTED READING
ENGL 547BDirected Reading - DIRECTED READING
ENGL 547CDirected Reading - DIRECTED READING
ENGL 549AMaster's Thesis - MASTERS THESIS
ENGL 551BStudies in Literary Movements - ST'S LIT MOVEMNT
ENGL 553BStudies in Literary Theory - ST'S LIT THEORY
ENGL 555AStudies in Literature and the Other Arts - STDIES LIT/ARTS
ENGL 555BStudies in Literature and the Other Arts - STDIES LIT/ARTS
ENGL 561BTopics in Science and Technology Studies - TOPICS IN STS
ENGL 649Doctoral Dissertation