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Subject Code - FOOD (Food Science)

Undergraduate courses have been re-named as Food, Nutrition and Health (FNH). Please see this section.

Course Title
FOOD 500M.Sc. Seminar
FOOD 510Advances in Food Science
FOOD 511Master of Food Science Workshops
FOOD 512Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point and Food Safety Management
FOOD 515Fundamentals of Agri-Food Business
FOOD 519Interfacial Phenomena
FOOD 520Advances in Food Analysis
FOOD 521Advances in Food Biotechnology
FOOD 522Advances in Food Chemistry
FOOD 523Advances in Food Microbiology
FOOD 524Advances in Food Process Science
FOOD 525Advances in Food Toxicology
FOOD 527ASpecial Topics in Food Science - SP TPS FOOD SCIE
FOOD 528International Food Laws and Regulations
FOOD 529Laboratory Methods in Sensory Evaluation
FOOD 530ADirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
FOOD 530BDirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
FOOD 530CDirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
FOOD 530DDirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
FOOD 531Master of Food Science Practicum Project
FOOD 549Master's Thesis
FOOD 600Ph.D. Seminar
FOOD 649Doctoral Dissertation